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Americas Birthday

July 12, 2013 in Events

America has been celebrating its birthday every day on July 4th for over 200 years. July4thAnnArborParade_12We were fortunate to be able to hang out in our home town of Ann Arbor and take part in plenty of transitional festivities!  Early morning in downtown Ann Arbor MI, Main street hosted its annual 4th of July street parade.  Even with everyone dressed in red white and blue to celebrate Americas independence, it was very much so an Ann Arbor Event.

“I really like how families can come out with the kids.  It’s so much fun to watch them collect candy” Ann Arbor Resident Shelly Townsen said.

The parade meant many things for many people. Art, expression, tribute, and tradition, but the one thing in common was America.  Artist, performers, musicians, and organization made special appearances in likes of celebrating with family friends, and fellow neighbors.July4thAnnArborParade_19





“It was nice to see so many organizations involved with community events.” say’s Marc Ashtley, whom recently moved to Michigan to raise his family.  The parade on July 4th is only one of the super fun family friendly events the city of Ann Arbor is known and loved for.

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Remember when Gold Dust from WWE Lost his Mind on Howard Stern!?! Real Funny

June 26, 2013 in Funny

Check Out this funny video of the WWE Super Star Gold Dust displays a “Tourette syndrome” like condition from apparently being electrically shocked. Check out this video and see for yourself.

RockaPoloza 2013 ROCKED!

June 24, 2013 in Events



Wild crowd in Jackson Mi, at Rockapoloza 2013


Rockapoloza 2013 ROCKED

Hungover from a night that turned into a morning of partying with my friends of Overloaded, and Gypsyhawk  I realized that I needed at least a few hours of sleep  to prepare for meeting up with co-founder of 8184 Media Justin Toussant and rock group Rotation at Rockapaoolza!

Simply put, Rockapalooza is an annual rock festival held at the Jackson county fairgrounds  that brought out the best of the performers and the audience.  Performers such as Candlebox, Taproot, Saliva, Critical Bill, Surrender to the Fall, Red Stone Souls, Through The Ashes, Cyanide Sunrise and many more groups created a rowdy atmosphere for people who wanted their ears to explode in an audio orgasm. Throw alcohol in the mix and you are subject to a very interesting  time.
Though Justin and I’s trip was abbreviated we did execute our mission to Soviet military precision. We did our rounds, I flirted with chicks, we took our pictures, shot our video, and networked with a number of up and coming artists. Artists such as Ian, Beau, Kevin, and Travis of the Red Stone Souls, Angelo Coppala of Shockwave, Ron Perry of American Media and Sound, and the new drummer of Taproot Dave Coughlin,
But the meat of the mission was to capture a couple homegrown Michigan artists such as Shockwave and Rotation If you haven’t seen these two acts please do!!! Shockwave is a teen power trio with a blistering sound of arena proportions. Rotation are 89x homeboy show darlings that have a certain degree of aura that captivates their VERY loyal fan base also (I’ve been told that frontman Andy is a vampire) so watch out!
Before I go buy another bottle of wine let me tell you how proud I am of the Michigan artists that represented the state very well.  These men and woman needed to rehearse, drive, load and unload their gear, perform, shake hands kiss and babies, just so they can pursue a dream that is very tough to break into. People like this are the ones who still have soul and passion something in my opinion is very difficult to find these days. Next year when the madness continues in Jackson Michigan I hope Erik Kluiber & Gypsyhawk are in town so I’m just as hungover to my 2014 expedition to Rockapalooza.
article-  c.honoway
photos- j.toussant

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ILL Mutha FuKKa Brand new Tw1zzle Exclusive inspired by Lil Wayne “A Millie”

June 21, 2013 in MUSIC

Dj Tw1zzle releases his second House single this week! “Ill Mutha Fukka started off as an experiment that took on a life of its own. Like most Tw1zzle projects this one started off from playing with sounds and software while being inspired by some of the great artist on his personal playlist. Share download and visit the DJTw1zzle SoundCloud for more updates.

-jtoussant 8-O

DjTw1zzle Releases a New Club Track Inspired by “Pulp Fiction” the Movie

June 21, 2013 in MUSIC

DJ Twizzle

DjTwizzle aka Twizzle aka J2 aka Justin Toussant has been engineering music for almost a decade, and in that time has discoverd some awesome stuff, when it comes to sound manipulation. Twizzle takes an upbeat tempo and “chops” some “sick wit it” samples from the movie classic “Pulp Fiction” for a super fun techno house sound.
Twizzle decided to experiment with the project when he discovred some new cool tricks he was able to accomplish with the software “Ableton Live” The song is available to download for free, so please share and ENJOY.

Chris Honoway makes gets recognition for “Birthday Massacre” Muisc Video

June 20, 2013 in VIDEO

Chris entered a worldwide video contest for Canadian New Wave group “The Birthday Massacre” He was practically solo working in frigid temperatures going toe to toe blow for blow with much larger film crews from around the world and STILL came out unscathed. One Hundred and seventy videos were submitted and Chris was recognized and respected for his diligence with an “Honourable Mention & Personal fave”

#BANKER Boys release a new single on SoundCloud “Beat so Trill”

June 19, 2013 in HOME

Today the Chicago Hip Hop music group “#BANKER Boys” just uploaded a new track to SoundClound, internet music database, for everyone and they mama to listen to.  They have been working with DjTw1zzle since the fall of 2012 on the completion of this song along with a few others like the LPeeZ single “Tha Businezz”.  The final version of the digital mixtape is planned to drop the summer of 2013 accompanied by rock solid hits like “Swaged Out” and “Don’t Like Me”.  For now check out some exclusive music available to download on your media device for free.

WillDoe Links Up With Chris for a comeback with music video snippet from Hip – Hop single “Obviously”

June 18, 2013 in HOME

It was like any other day while riding “clean in ypsi” Ypsilanti Michigan that is.  A place that seems to have inspired a generation for aspiring film makers artists and enthusiest of this modern culture.  Up and coming hip-hop artist WillDoe with the #BANKER Boys recorded a single called “Obviously” in 2012 while grinding it out in the Broadway House studio in A2 Michigan.  The song received a high response on youtube for it lyrical creativity and artistic dynamics. Music video and film maker Chris Honoway was proud to revisit one of the original locations where he and partner Justin Toussant linked up and started recording some of their first multi-media productions. Obviously music video snippet successfully reinvents a classic music video set up and ads a “futuristic flo”  Look forward to the *OFFICIAL* “Obviously” music video coming summer 2013.-j.toussant

Screen Shot 2013 WillDoe in the Moment

Performer WillDoe #BANKER in deep thought.

Will&ChrisObviousThis music video leaves me exvcited for more!



#BANKER Boys Release new single “Van Hal Spin”

June 17, 2013 in HOME

Check out the new *HOT* single from the #BANKER Boys “Van Hal Spin” produced by DjTw1zzle and performed by, LPeeZ, JayBreeze, J2 aka Twizzle. Although the group started in Michigan, it has since expanded its creative inspiration to Chicago IL, where their style has been embraced by the native culture. Check out some of thier other sounds on sound cloud and youtube. Stay tuned for their up and coming digital mixtape summer 2013.

A brand new live performance with Detroits favorite country star JOCAINE

June 17, 2013 in MUSIC

Chris Honoway& 8184Media link up with Detroits country music sensation JOCAINE for yet another amazing live performance in eastern Michigan.  ”Drinks were flowing and jugs were showing” say local bar patron who quotes ” I never miss a “Joe Show”.  Spirits were high as our favorite county star pours his heart and soul into sensational live performance.  Reminding us of some of his past hits like “Shut up and Drink” & “Summer Nights”, JOCAINE also pulled out all of the stops by surprising his loyal fans with a brand new single!  Check out the 8184Media™ video production and stay tuned for his new upcoming album release.-j.toussant 8-O